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IMDb Interaction between Genres and Ratings Datasets

Direct link to the website_ IMDb Interaction Website by Group Sixsixsiz (Sito in costruzione)

IMDb is the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content. This includes a searchable database of more than 100 million data items including more than 2 million movies, TV and entertainment programs, more than 4 million cast, crew members and fictional characters featured in these visual entertainment media.

The information in the Internet Movie Database comes from various sources. Information and items are verified with studios and filmmakers, while the bulk of information is submitted by people in the industry and visitors. The data goes through con- sistency checks to ensure it’s as accurate and reliable as possible.

The focus of our project is the interaction between genres and ratings datasets. Analysing and comparing data, we first recognized twenty-three different genres and the amount of movies for each one; then we noticed that movies could be rated from 1 to 10 and some of them were rated more than others. The outcome of our analysis are five visualizations:

• FOCUS GENRES, a color palette shows the color that identifies each genre and description;


• BEST MOVIE / GENRE AMOUNT TIMELINE, on the left: colour ranking of the genre amount through the years. On the right: best movie of the year by calculating the weighted average of ranks;

portfolio indice5

• – RATED GENRE AMOUNT, the first graph shows the amount of movies by genre, the second one the amount of rated movies compared to genres dataset;


• – RANK MODE BY GENRE, distribution of votes by rank for genre;


• – RANKING BY GENRES, the graph shows the variability in concentration of rated movie genres through the years before and after IMDb’s birth. Thanks to these visualizations it is possible to understand the trend of rated movies genres through the years and also check out users’ preferences.


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