Go with the flow


Schermata 2015-01-09 a 18.36.17“Go with the flow” is a project focused on floods. It comes from a previous analysis of the extreme events adaptation phenomena.

Our research question is: “Which are the stances of the counter parties according to HARD AND SOFT ENGINEERING as worldwide accepted and differenciated approach to river management and flood defence?”. It aims to explain if and how people talk about floods risk management, as it seems to be a potential solution to floods.

We defined six different actors based on a web research with query focused on hard and sof engineering: governative, faculty (reasearcher, teachers, students, …), company (producer of dams, environmental solutions, …), organization (no profit, national organizations, …), media (tv, newspaper, …) and blogger (all people interested on this topic and who talk about it). We divided their opinion into 5 possibilities: pro-hard, pro-soft, con-hard, con-soft, neutral. This step was useful to understand what the dif- ferent actor mostly think about the topic.

Their world positioning is a part of the analysis we wanted to highlight in order to understand if countries affected by flood were the only ones that talk about it or other countries were interested on this matter. It is clear that the big part of discussions came from affected countries, but floods are becoming more and more issues for all nations, because of the extreme events phenomena, this is way people from all over the world is starting talk about it and they are trying to find one or more solutions.

We were able to define a network map about how different actors interact to each other. The media generally assume that news of natural disasters will always win an audience: “If it bleeds, it leads”. Indeed, actors like organization, faculty and governative, work together for a solution.

Link ISSUU to Report


Schermata 2015-01-09 a 18.31.36Based on the report, the website is targeted on middle school children. It aims to build awareness about the issue in order to let future men and women decide by themselves what they want for their cities.

The proposed website consist on an introduction to the problem with causes and con- sequences of floods, then we show where currently are the most destroying floods and we explain how at the moment the problem is managed by various actors.

The final part is an interactive map of an ipothetical city, in which we show what hap- pens if someone choose one solution or another one, divided in hard and soft engi- neering solutions and one example of combination.

It’s up to you the choice for your future!

Direct link to the website_ Go with the flow


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